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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Millennials lack basic survival skills

Question: what do you call a millennial camping in a forest in the middle of nowhere?

Answer: a dead millennial. 

Millennials are not merely self-absorbed, entitled, and unmotivated geeks, they are also, for the most part, inept survivalists, according to a recent poll conducted by the London Boat Show. They simply lack basic outdoor skills that the older generations possessed, according to an article in Field and Stream Magazine.

About one third didn't know that rubbing two sticks together or using your eyeglasses in the sun (if it's possible) could start a fire. Almost half (44%) had never been camping before. Half of this genius population didn't know how to tie a survival knot, and less than a third had ever caught their own fish, while 40% had never swum in open water.

These results are in spite of the survival TV shows available to them. One theory is their increased dependence on technology. 

Why learn how to use a compass when you have a GPS?