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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kerry Washington says only 25% country voted forT rump

Kerry Washington, aka Olivia Pope from "Scandal," believes she knows something about politics. 

"I think," she lied, "we have to be careful by saying that the results of this election represent a majority of the sentiment of this country because half of the country didn't vote and . . . the popular vote went to Hillary [Clinton]." She spouted this at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour on Tuesday.

"So we are talking about less than a quarter of the country voted for our next President. I also think it's important to say that inclusivity is not about just people of color and women. Inclusivity is about everybody having a seat at the table," she cliched. 

It's obvious that Washington believes that the football team with the most yards, not the most points, should be awarded the win. Football and presidential elections don't work that way.

If indeed she is correct and only twenty-five percent of the American voters actually got out and voted, then obviously, Clinton didn't have enough sway, enough influence, to get leftists off their butt-cheeks and go to the voting booths. 

Trump's voters did.

In fact, the only reason Clinton won the popular vote was due to California--they took her numbers over the top. But the popular vote does not represent the folks in the majority of states in the United States. In this case, it represented California and much of the east coast. Middle America, the "flyover country," believe that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president, and that Donald Trump was a better choice.

Speaking about the inappropriate speech made by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globe Narcissism Award Ceremony, Washington said that she applauded Streep for her anti-Trump speech.

"It was very special; I felt like it was such a brave beautiful speech because it was so graceful. There wasn't any name calling but there was a lot of truth telling and I thought it was a beautiful and important speech," she said redundantly.

Streep's speech was elitist, done at an inappropriate place, and was a clinic on hypocrisy. She attacked Trump and half of America, saying that without people like her and foreigners, the only people left in the country would be people who watch football and mixed martial arts.