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Monday, January 23, 2017

ISIS 'torturer' killed in gunfight

Mosul, Iraq -- A notorious Islamic State 'torturer' Abu Abdulrahman had been shot dead in a gun battle in Mosul. 

Abdulrahman was known for specializing in torturing and killing women. He was likely a latent homosexual with 'mommy issues' and killing for him was his way of dealing with his sexual orientation, an orientation that is not only unacceptable in Islam, but is punishable by death.

Although Iraqi military sources confirm that he was indeed killed, International Business Times cannot independently verify the claim, so who knows?

The death of the Saudi-born and Iraqi died Abdulrahman comes only a few weeks after another ISIS anal sphincter "woman torturer" Islam Taha al-Obaidi was killed in an airstrike. Both men were members not only of the Islamic State, but of the 'religion of peace.'

Al-Obaidi dubbed "Dr Death," would rape and torture enslaved Yazidi women. He too had "mommy issues."

Women fortunate enough to flee from their ISIS captivity have told tales of horror that included how they were force-fed contraceptive pills because according to Islam, ISIS fighters are not allowed to have sex with a pregnant woman. They are, however, permitted to torture and kill pregnant women if the whim strikes them. They force pregnant women to have abortions and often induce it through acts of violence.

There are also allegations that ISIS fighters are raiding jewelry from women in Mosul to finance their religious war.