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Sunday, January 29, 2017

ISIS terror leader seriously injured in airstrike

One of Southeast Asia's top terror suspects was seriously wounded and an Indonesian militant was blown to smithereens by a Philippine airstrike using South Korean-made fighter jets for the first time in combat.

Philippine military Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Ano said the body of the suspected militant, known as Mohisen (which means "I wish my name was Mohammad") was recovered by troops as were three dead Filipino followers of leader Isnilon Hapilon (aka Hopalong Isnalon) who was seriously wounded in the assault on the Butig town in Lanao del Sur province.

An additional eleven scumcrumpets were sent to their virgins, but their bodies haven't been found, said Gen. Ano, as they were torn to little bite-size pieces from the explosions.

Hapilon had a serious arm wound and was losing blood after the FA-50 jet fighters dropped 500-pound ordnance Wednesday and Thursday on an encampment as part of an ongoing offensive, Ano said.

The FA-50s were acquired from South Korea in late 2015 as their only jet fighters and were deployed in combat sorties.

Four FA-50s were delivered and eight more are to be delivered by July. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte criticized the FA-50s as being inadequate for counterinsurgency and good only as flyby aircraft for ceremonies.

But we all know the real reason he doesn't like them is because he cannot throw drug dealers and users from them in flight.