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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Iraqi fighters feel "betrayed" by Trump

President Trump is getting more done than any former president and is still a better golfer than Obama. 

On Friday, Trump signed an executive order to "protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals" by suspending for a few months, the entry of immigrants from seven countries: Yemen, Sudan Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran and Iraq. Unfortunately, there are several other countries that should be on the list, in my opinion, such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, at the very least, but they were not included.

Although the proposal isn't finalized, some Iraqis who have been in the fight against ISIS are angry and feel "betrayed."

So if they're fighting in Iraq and feeling betrayed by our immigration suspension, doesn't that seem to imply they were planning to come here in the future? If so, to paraphrase that commie group"Country Joe and the Fish," what are they really fighting for?

"Iraqis are the largest victims of terrorism and now we are paying double the price," a high-ranking Iraqi Army general said anonymously to Fox News, as he is unauthorized to speak to the media. "This has caused massive disappointment in the hearts of every Iraqi who is fighting radicalism."

Many Iraqis expressed fear because they have been waiting in-line for resettlement for years and their lives are at risk due to their American associations, only now to be told they may not make it out of the country.

Trump said a ban prevents terrorists from coming into the country posing as refugees. Syrians will be indefinitely banned but the larger refugee program will be stopped only for four months. All visa applications from the seven countries (above) will be paused for only 30 days.

Who does Iraq think Trump is anyway? Angela Merkel?

Obama intended for over 100,000 refugees to be resettled this year, but Trump wants to cut that number in half.

Several Iraqis expressed their displeasure that the ban targets them but not other nations such as Qatar, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt that have been accused by many of exporting, financing and supporting jihad terrorism going back to September 11, 2001.

They have a very good point.