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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Iran bans US from going there-like we can't wait

Iran is now banning US citizens from entering their friendly, fun vacation land after President Trump has banned citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from coming to the US. They are saying that our ban is an "obvious insult to the Islamic world."

Iran is one of the seven countries that is being banned for 120 days. This has angered the Shi'ite nation but that's a very low bar to get over. The Shia don't even get along with other Muslim sects who also don't get along with them.

So my plans are ruined. I was all ready to go to Tehran to attend the "Gay Festival Hangout." It's fun for the whole family. Afterward there's going to be a "Stones Gala" that they say if you miss it, you're not Muslim enough. I'm told that stones will be provided to all who want to give it a go.

But really, any American or Westerner, for that matter, would be crazy to go there unless they actually have family. For those that do, it's really a sad, but the idea that we need to choose between being 'Merkelishly' liberal and admit people to the US who may be jihadists, or inconvenience some of them for a while until we are comfortable having them here.

Isn't it weird that the "Islamic world" is insulted whenever the US wants to defend itself from jihadist terrorism.