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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hit squad executes ISIS executioner

He was known for beheading hundreds of Iraqi citizens. He loved his work as much as he loved his religion that inspired it. But now Abu Sayyaf is dead--stabbed to death by a hit squad in northwest Iraq. 

Sayyaf was one of the Islamic States' main executioners and made many appearances in their propaganda videos targeting deviants and the mentally ill, showing brutal decapitations for their sick pleasure.

He is the second executioner to be killed in the region over the last few days.

Sayyaf liked to collect the heads of his victims and throw them into the same hole in the al-Khasafa region. Iraqi journalist Muhammad Yawar wrote: "Abu Sayyaf was one of the scariest executioners in Nineveh . . . He was a reflection of the brutality of this terrorist group.

"He was known for his huge body and heavy arms. He was one of the notorious faces in the ISIS propaganda videos."

A local media activist Abdullah al-Mallah (probably not his real name which is likely "Mohammad something or other") said a group of unknown assailants ambused Sayyaf in his car killing him instantly. 

Another scumcrumpet also in the car was killed in the attack.

Al-Mallah said: "He [Sayyaf] was found dead in the Dawassah district west of Mosul city in Nineveh Governorate on Sunday evening. The ISIS-led Hisba Police was unable to identify the perpetrators."

Islamic State mosque services will be held at the "Wedon Gifa Dam Mosque" today. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, please donate unspent cartridges (rounds) and cutlery you don't need to the mosque.