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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Four Gitmo dudes transferring to Saudi Arabia-Trump angry

Four Gitmo scumcrumpets are scheduled within the next 24 hours to be transferred to sunny Saudi Arabia. This is the final wave of up to 20 transfers expected before Inauguration Day, according to two U.S. officials.

The identities of the detainees are not immediately known, but you can bet that at least one of them is named Muhammed or a derivative thereof.

These transfers are going forward in spite of President-elect Trump's opposition to allowing terrorists to regroup. Trump tweeted :"There should be no further releases from Gitmo. These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield."

But Obama isn't worried--he has armed security for the rest of his miserable life.

The Pentagon said the transfers would continue over Trump's objection, an indication of the lack of character possessed by Obama.

Peter Cook, Pentagon Press Secretary said, "There is one commander in chief at a time and the Secretary of Defense will continue to carry out his responsibilities as he sees appropriate."

So there's one president at a time when Obama wants it to be, except when he wants to make a political point that calls for a response from Trump, or puts Trump in a position where he's going to have to deal with it after January 20.

At present, there are 59 detainees still being held at Gitmo, but 20 are expected to be transferred before Trump is sworn in this month.

Saudi Arabia received detainees in April when Obama transferred nine there, one who is alleged to be Osama bin Laden's bodyguard. All nine were linked to Al Qaeda. Thank you, Barack.

Officials say about 30 percent of released jihadists are suspected of returning to the battlefield.

Trump's nominee to run the Department of Homeland Security, retired Marine General John Kelly (not to be confused with the snowflake and empty suit, John Kerry) told Pentagon reporters that all remaining Gitmo detainees were "bad boys."

It was just that "Some of them were more effective in being bad boys than others," he said.