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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Evancho's got the Trump bump--now go tell the media

She got the Trump bump. 

Sweet Sixteen Jackie Evancho is performing at the presidential inauguration on January 20th. Since the announcement was made by the Trump team, the opera singer's Christmas album soared to Number One on the Billboard Classical Chart and her record sales doubled.

But some media outlets don't see the connection to Trump. They responded to Trump's tweet that Evancho's sales "skyrocketed," the Associated Press believe the boost was due to the fact that "holiday albums tend to sell particularly well during the holidays."

Billboard credited the singer's NBC "America's Got Talent Holiday Spectacular" performance as the main reason her sales went through the roof. Donald Trump had nothing to do with it, they seem to want you to believe.

"Of course, Trump had impact," Dan Gainor, vice president of business andculture at the Media Research Center, told Fox411. "The media wouldn't give credit to Trump if he personally cured cancer, discovered alien life and fed all the world's hungry."

Scott Pinsker, a branding and communication expert said that no matter what Trump does, the media has a bias against him. "Of course there's an intense media bias against Donald Trump," Pinsker said, "and of course the mainstream media will be more hostile to Trump than they ever were to President Obama. Even Trump's most innocuous announcement for boosting her sales is going to be twisted and contorted to fit the media's anti-Trump narrative."

However, even Evancho's publicist agreed that after Trump announced that she would be performing, she was inundated with record offers.

"Three record labels were suddenly courting her," Kim Jakwerth told the New York Post. "The contract could be announced next week."

The AP reported that Evancho sold 7,206 albums the week of December 15th, the day after the announcement was made that she would be singing the National Anthem. The following week, she sold 13,788 albums and the next 11,096 ending December 29th.

Coincidence or Trump bump?