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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Charles Manson Hospitalized

Charles Manson, the 1960s cult leader responsible for the murder of actress Sharon Tate and at least five other (probably more) high profile murders, was taken to the hospital Tuesday for an undisclosed medical issue the Los Angeles Times reported.

Manson, who is 82, was seriously ill and we all hope he gets what he deserves.

Vicky Waters, Press Secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) explained to the media that Federal and state privacy laws precludes the CDCR from revealing health information for any inmates in the system.

However, a separate spokeswoman from the CDCR was able to reveal that Manson "is alive."

Manson was transported to a Bakersfield hospital from California State Prison in Corcoran, about an hour's journey.

Charlie, as his cult followers called him, has a fashionable swastika carved on his forehead, crazy eyes and a dirty soul.

Back in 1960s, at the height of his sick career, he led the "Manson Family" into a life of decadence and crime. His followers were mostly comprised of runaways and dropouts from society and the charismatic Manson communed with them in the desert feeding them hallucinogenic drugs and baloney.

He was the mastermind behind a series of murders that he hoped would create a black vs. white conflict. Obsessed with Armageddon and a failed musician, he believed the song on The Beatles' "White Album" titled "Helter Skelter" was symbolic of a racial clash.

Although he didn't personally carry out the murders, he was the one who ordered them, and claimed in subsequent interviews that he had no remorse.

He was convicted of first-degree murder in 1971 and sentenced to death, but unfortunately the California Supreme Court's 1972 decision to outlaw capital punishment automatically commuted his sentence to life in prison which he is serving at California's Corcoran State Prison.

Although Manson is clearly a sick puppy, there are plenty of women who are just as sick and one of them, a woman in her 20s who calls herself  Star, applied for a marriage license with Manson, who was 80, but a ceremony never took place.

Manson was rejected for parole 12 times and would not have been eligible to apply again until 2027.

One thing for sure is that Manson is still crazy after all these years.