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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Canada to fully legalize K.G.B., laughing grass and wacky tabacky

Canada will become the first G7 nation to fully legalize the use of marijuana (aka: pot, weed, hashish, hemp, ganja, bhang, tea, bomb weed, bud, dab, diesel, fire, green, K.G.B. [Killer Green Bud], kind, kush, laughing grass, loud, Mary Jane, medical, mota, pakalolo, reefer, sticky icky, sungrown and wacky tabacky). 

The stock prices of sticky icky reveal that investors believe there will be millions of users and thus, a multi-billion dollar market. 

As to how it's regulated in Canada, the question is whether the nation will get it right. A task force recently made 80 recommendations to the government, among them, setting the age limit to 18.

Increased highway accidents are likely to be a problem facing Canadians and it would not be a surprise to see pakalolo border crossings into the United States by Canadians in search of profit.

Stay tuned.