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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brennan tells Trump he doesn't "fully understand" Russia threat

CIA Director John Brennan, criticized and warned Donald Trump, saying that he doesn't have a "full understanding" of Russia's power and their threat to the world.

Brennan, who was sworn in on March 8, 2013 not on a Bible, but on the U.S. Constitution, had been rumored to be a secret Muslim. 

Those rumors are unsubstantiated but isn't my mentioning it similar to BuzzFeed mentioning the unsubstantiated rumor about Donald Trump's supposedly kinky sex acts? It's wrong in both cases.

But I digress.

Brennan told Fox News Sunday, "I don't think he [Trump] has a full understanding of Russian capabilities and the actions they are taking on the world." He further suggested that Trump lacks "full appreciation" of Russia's aggression or the reason why Obama imposed [impotent] sanctions on the Kremlin for screwing around with our election.

"Mr. Trump has to understand that absolving Russia is a road that he needs to be very, very careful about moving down," the soon-to-be ex-CIA Director said. His doubling down on "very" was a very Trump-like verbal move.

Trump has often suggested that we have better ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President-elect has been highly suspect of our entire intelligence community since it concluded that Putin tried to influence the elections, in an apparent attempt to help Trump defeat screaming Hillary, which makes no strategic sense for the Russians since it was she who wanted a "reset" with them.

Brennan called Trump "outrageous" for his likening the U.S. intelligence community to Nazi Germany for presumably leaking the content of an opposition-research dossier on him.

"There is no interest in undermining the president-elect," Brennan said. "Our responsibility is to understand dangers on the world stage so (Trump and his Republican administration) have the intel we have so they can make best decisions."

He went on to say that Trump will face numerous challenges with terrorism, cybersecurity, North Korean and so on. 

"So many issues on Day One," Brennan said as he faced Mecca.

Just kidding.