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Monday, December 12, 2016

Syrian rebels pull back in Aleppo after collapse

Beirut -- Syrian rebels had to retreat from their former stronghold positions in eastern Aleppo in what they termed a "terrifying" collapse Monday. They were packed in trying to hold a tiny piece of territory packed with fighters and thousands of civilians but Assad's troops pressed on in a rapid advance.

The Syrian military gained control of 99 percent of the former opposition enclave in eastern Aleppo, which signaled the beginning of the end to the rebel's four-year control over parts of the city, then the final hours of battle played out.

"The situation is very, very critical," Ibrahim al-Haj of the Syrian Civil Defense said in a Trumpesque double use of the adjective. He said he was looking for shelter for himself and his family, fearing clashes or capture by government troops.

If President Bashar "The Chin" Assad could take all of Aleppo, a city whose control has gone back and forth between both forces since 2012, that would be his biggest victory in the civil war, but it wouldn't necessarily be a totally decisive victory as huge areas of Syria are still out of his control. 

Over 250,000 people have been killed and Putin is helping grow the numbers.