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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Saudis grow soft over "exposed" woman

Riyadh -- A Huma Abedin lookalike in Saudi Arabia had the audacity to leave her home without a male escort and literally not wear a full-body dress. Men with embarrassing erections called for her immediate death, and some were so astonished, they did not even cover their eyes. 

The woman, Malak Al Shehri, shared a photo of herself without a hijab or abaya, a traditional body covering used to prevent Muslim men from raping them. 

Some men who couldn't believe their eyes went berserk, screaming that she should be "thrown to the dogs," or "beheaded," both methods having the Islamic Seal of Approval for ways of dealing with Western behavior.

However, hundreds of brave people came to her defense, praising her "bravery" for Tweeting her photo.

A Saudi student named Sara Ahmed shared the photo of Malak writing; "A Saudi woman went out yesterday without an Abaya or a hijab in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and many Saudis are now demanding her execution," the caption read.

Dozens of religious Muslims tweeted death threats and insulted Malak's morals. Seriously. 

"Kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs," one person wrote. Another religious adherent to 

All Saudi women are legally required to wear an abaya, or full body covering, and Muslim women must also wear a hijab, but foreigners don't need to cover their head. The only non-Muslim foreigners who wear a hijab when they don't have to are those who respect Islam more than their own freedom not to practice it.

As it turns out, rather than beheading Malak, or throwing her to the dogs, the Saudis went soft on her and will only have her whipped until she almost dies.

That should teach her to be more religious.