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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Priebus: Trump OK if CIA & FBI agree on hacking by Russia

According to Reince Priebus, President-elect Donald Trump will accept that Russia is behind the hacking of Democrats' email accounts during the 2016 presidential election if a consensus is agreed upon by leaders of the intelligence community; specifically the FBI and CIA. Priebus is the incoming White House Chief of Staff.

"I think he would accept the conclusion if they would get together, put out a report and show the American people they are on the same page," Priebus told "Fox News Sunday."

Hillary Clinton's campaign was obviously hurt by the leakage of the terrible things said as revealed in the Podesta emails. While the Clinton campaign never denied the authenticity of the emails, they were livid over the way they were obtained, which was via a Russian hacking into Podesta's system after he opened a link that he shouldn't have opened.

Silly Podesta.

But Clinton's people are trying to convince us that because it was a Russian hack, what was found in those emails shouldn't matter.

Clinton's logic is: if a murdered took video of someone stealing your car, that shouldn't lead you to conclude that the person who stole your car is really a car thief.

The real reason the Clinton campaign is pushing the Russian involvement in the leaks is their way to delegitimize Trump's election victory, according to his campaign.

"There's no evidence that shows the outcome of the elections was changed by a couple of dozen John Podesta emails," Priebus said, adding that the intelligence community is "almost there" on a consensus regarding the Russian involvement.

Personally, I'm more concerned about Trump suggesting that China keep our underwater glider.