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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Muslim migrant rapes & murders daughter of EU official

Germany -- Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered by a Muslim migrant from Afghanistan. The murderer admitted to the rape and murder of the medical student where he worked as a volunteer at the same refugee center where Maria worked.

 Maria Ladenburger was a victim of the policies that even her father, a high-ranking EU official, likely supported and might still support. Her death should be a serious wake-up call for lawmakers dealing with immigration policy but there's a small chance it will be.

She was on her way back from a party in Freiburg, a university twon in Germany, when she was assaulted on a cycle path. On October 16, she was raped and then drowned and her body was found in the River Dreisam, but details have only been released after an arrest on Friday.

The Afghan migrant was caught after police found DNA on a scarf by the cycling path--the scarf was reported to be Maria's. A strand of hair was also found on a nearby blackberry bush. Police then analyzed CCTV in the area, they searched for people with similar hairstyle and came up with the suspect.

After he was arrested, the 17-year-old suspect, pleaded guilty to the attack and will be sentenced next year. The unnamed Muslim arrived in Germany in 2015 as an unaccompanied minor and lived with a local family in the city.

Maria's father is Dr. Clemens Ladenburger and is a lawyer who works as a top executive to the legal director of the EU. 

Maria worked in her spare time as a volunteer in refugee homes in Freiburg. It isn't clear if she knew her attacker.