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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Most voters hopeful about Trump but don't expect miracles

Now that the election is over, polls have shown that as many American voters feel hopeful about have Donald Trump as President as they feel depressed that he won. More feel relieved than feel scared. Some are even feeling empowered and excited.

But some feel angry or embarrassed.

These results comes from a FoxNews survey showing that over a third of voters have a positive outlook for Trump. In fact, 25 percent believe he'll be "above average: and 11 percent say he'll be one of the country's "greatest."

This is why the average person who votes is not used as a pundit, but merely as a statistic. In fact, to press this point, when Obama won the election in 2008, 19 percent said he'd be one of the greatest presidents every; 43 percent said he'd be "good" and only 6 percent expected him to be one of the worst.

See? Fully 94 percent of the voting population had no clue how bad Obama would be as president.