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Friday, December 2, 2016

It wasn't racism, it was Hillary's arrogance and stupidity

Democrats simply cannot make a case to vote for them based on policy so they their only alternative is identity politics. 

The top members of the Trump and Clinton campaigns got into heated exchanges at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government forum. 

Naturally, the Democrats accused the GOP of cultivating white supremacists. 

Jennifer Palmieri, the Catholic lady who was disrespectful to Christians who actually believe in their religion, told Trump's team, "The platform that they gave to white supremacists, to white nationalists, is a very, very important moment in our history."

Kellyanne Conway, the Trump campaign manager was furious. She responded to the accusation: "Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform?"

"You did, Kellyanne. You did," Palmieri emotionally said.

Conway spoke on Fox & Friends and called the Clinton staffers "sore losers." She went on to say, "I do think some people are stuck in the permanent campaign and not really past the anger, grief and denial stages and into the acceptance stages. But that's okay, because we won."

During the forum, someone noted that the Southern Poverty Law Center collected reports of almost 1,000 hate-related incidents from almost every state since the election. Conway countered by saying that Trump called for an end to such incidents and called the SPLC a far-left center and "anti-Trump group."

It's noteworthy that even the FBI no longer recognizes the SPLC as a legitimate hate crime resource, but leftists love to cite them. A more recent article discusses the SPLC and their bogus "monitoring" here.

Robby Mook, (aka "The Quicker Mucker-Upper") blamed FBI Director James Comey for Clinton's defeat after bringing up the inconvenient issue of her illegal email server. If it wasn't for Comey, Hillary would have won.

 It's as if Clinton was the victim of the FBI investigation, rather than the perp. If she obeyed the law, there would have been no FBI investigation. And if Mook is so prescient, why didn't he tell Hillary not to call Trump supporters a "basket of deplorables?" That might have gotten her more votes.

Instead, he called the email investigation during the campaign one of the "most over-reported, overhyped, over-litigated stories in the history of American politics." But never mentioned how stupid, irresponsible, lazy, arrogant and incompetent Hillary had to be to use an illegal private server as secretary of state.

A yooge key to Trump's victory was Clinton herself, Conway explained. "I said to Mr. Trump, 'You're running against one of the most joyless presidential candidates in history. Why don't we find a way to be the happy warrior?'"

Clinton also presumed that people who previously voted Democratic would do so again, Kellyanne said. That was an example of her short-sightedness. But Mook said Clinton's campaign never took the win as a foregone conclusion, obviously not recalling that Hillary's campaign, according to the  New York Post, prepared to throw a yooge party after the election to celebrate a victory that never was to be.