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Saturday, December 10, 2016

ISIS Sunni jihadists re-enter Palmyra

Syrian activists of the Palmyra Coordination Collective said that the Islamic State fighters have re-entered Palmyra, the historic city located in central Syria. The jihadists were kicked out by Russian and Syrian forces nine months ago, but have returned like that long hair on your aunt Sadie's cheek.

According the the activists, ISIS seized the city's military warehouse and the northern and western neighborhoods. They also captured several government positions, oil fields and strategic hilltops in their three-day campaign for the fun and glory of Allah.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based group, said the militants reached Palmyra's Tadmor Hospital as well as its strategically located wheat silos.

Never adverse to destroying anything they deem as un-Islamic, they went to work on the city's famed ancient Roman monuments and murdered its archaeological director after they swept into town in July 2015. They were able to hold Palmyra for 11 months and have only now returned to once again re-take it.

Now if only President-elect Donald Trump will do as he promised once he takes the oath of office, we can all take a short break from the next installment of "Welcome to the Seventh Century."