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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Germany wants to invalidate Muslim refugees' pedophile marriages

Islam's prophet, Mohammed, married one of his dozen or so wives when she was 6-years-old! Her name was Aisha and being as considerate as he could be, he waited until she turned 9 before he had sex with her.

Many Muslims do all they can to emulate Mohammed, from drinking camel urine, to hating Jews, to killing gays and even to marrying very young girls.

Muslim immigration has brought this situation to Europe in droves. The German government is preparing legislation to outlaw child marriage, a "normal" practice among the country's more than one million refugees.

How un-Islamic of Germany.

The proposed bill has the support of the Social Democrats and the Christian Democratic Union, which are the majority parties in the ruling coalition.

It appears that Germany has finally removed their heads from their nether regions and identified a problem that challenges their core belief that pedophilia is a bad thing.

Of course, Muslims aren't taking this lying down--there has been a spike in acts of violence as hate crimes have soared by 77 percent between 2014 and 2015. There has been 1.050 recorded cases of arson against refugee homes last year, as German nationals appear fed up with the inundation of refugees who demand more and more from host nations.

Germany now has 4.7 million Muslims who comprise 5.8 percent of the total population. There are at least 1,450 Muslim couples in Germany in which at least one spouse (usually the female) is underaged. In 361 of these marriages, at least one partner is under 14, but the legal age for marriage in Germany is 18. The underage marriages may be much higher than we know, according to Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster.

If the legislation is passed, and it probably will be, it would deny legal status to any marriage in which one partner is under the age of 16 and would require a legal hearing if a partner is between 16 and 18.

Diedre Berger Director of the American Jewish Committee's office in Berlin believes that poverty and insecurity in life in the refugee camps in the Middle East is driving Muslim families to push their daughters into underage marriage for their protection from other Muslim men, some of whom think it's okay to sexually assault any unmarried woman they want. 

Berger believes that about half of the marriages in the refugee camps involve children under the age of 16. "A law that would annul these marriages leaves the young women very vulnerable, and some already have children."