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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Germany knew all about the Berlin attacker

The fugitive believed to be the jihadi driver of the truck that plowed into a crowded Berlin Christmas market on Monday was known to German authorities as far back as June when they tried, and failed, to deport him. A German official told The Washington Post that the suspect was plotting a "serious act of violent subversion."

Security agencies actually exchanged information as recently as last month that allegedly tied Anis (pronounced 'Anus') Amri to Islamist militants. In spite of that, the Tunisian-born 24-year-old Muslim was able to evade terror investigators in Monday's terrorist attack which killed 12 and wounded 48.

Berlin prosecutors told the AP that they first began investigating Amri on March 14 after receiving a tip from federal security agencies, warning that he might be planning a break-in to finance the purchase of weapons to use in an attack.

Video surveillance showed that he was involved in a drug dealing in a Berlin park and he was also involved in a bar fight. However, there was no evidence to back up the original warning.

So they stopped the surveillance in September (possibly on the 11th, I would bet). 

German police said Amri's wallet with ID papers were found in the cab of the truck used in the terror attack. This means Amri is as intelligent as the idiot who was being chased by cops at night with his lights off but signaled his turns as they pursued him.

Or the other idiot who, when robbing a bank, handed the teller a note written on the back of his phone bill.

Amri is believed to have many aliases, none of which are "Einstein."

He is said to be armed and highly stupid, but also dangerous, and there is a 100,000-euro reward leading to his capture.

FunFact: Prior to arriving in Germany, Amri spent four years in an Italian prison for burning a school.