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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Evacuations underway in Aleppo

Ambulances are in the process of bringing out the first group of wounded and other civilians from Aleppo on Thursday. This is the beginning of the pullout from the last rebel area in the Syrian city.

The evacuation is part of a cease-fire agreement reached this week to have the rebels surrender their last foothold in the Syrian city to the government control after a devastating offensive slowly chipped away at the rebel position. This now marks the end of the 4-year rebel control of eastern Aleppo.

In the fighting, many civilians have been killed and thousands have been displaced.

Ingy Sedky, Damascus spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross told the AP that 13 ambulances, each with two wounded, and 20 buses, each carrying about 50 civilians, left in the convoy. Some of the wounded require critical care.

More convoys are expected later in the day, Sedky said.

There were plans to evacuate on Wednesday but violence erupted and made the move impossible.

The Russian military said the government in Damascus gave security guarantees to all rebels willing to leave Aleppo and said they were monitoring the situation with drones.

It looks like Putin is going to get what he has wanted--political control of Syria--and that Romney, not Obama, was right all along.