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Thursday, December 8, 2016

DiCaprio & Trump discuss that "smell in the air" and jobs

Rich and famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio flies around the country in his private fossil fuel burning jet to talk about preserving the environment and the horrors of those who fly in jets burning fossil fuel as they selfishly pollute the air we breathe.

DiCaprio met with the President-elect Donald Trump to discuss his foundation and other issues like those regarding air pollution which don't apply to him and green jobs.

In a statement to the AP, Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) confirmed the meeting at Trump Tower after Leonardo flew to New York City from Los Angeles, burning about 5,000 pounds of fuel an hour along the way.

Leonardo gave a presentation to Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and others on the Trump team, discussing how focusing on renewable, clean energy could create millions of jobs, nay, billions, and solve the problem of climate change.

"Today, we presented the President-elect and his advisors with a framework--which LDF developed in consultation with leading voices in the fields of economics and environmentalism--that details how to unleash a major economic revival across the United States that is centered on investiments in sustainable infrastructure," Tamminen said. "Our conversation focused on how to create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation."

Trump wanted to know why the Obama administration didn't take up the offer in the 8 years of his "lead from behind" presidency.

DiCaprio, an Oscar-winning actor, is a strong advocate of having others fight climate change and preserve wildlife. His recent documentary, 'Before the Flood," addresses the danger the world faces because of climate change. All the fine actor lacks in his career is a Nobel Prize like Al Gore, another global warming warner who made his own fictional film called "An Inconvenient Truth," based on "creative Gorian principals."

The meeting with the Trump team lasted about 90 minutes, and DiCaprio also gave Trump a copy of the documentary, no charge. Trump reportedly promised to watch it.

Tamminen said Trump was receptive and suggested they burn a few thousand more pounds of jet fuel and meet again next month.

"We look forward to continuing the conversation with the incoming administration as we work to stop the dangerous march of climate change, [which used to be called 'global warming' but that didn't seem to work] while putting millions of people to work at the same time," said Timminen.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," came a response from someone on the incoming administration team. "How about the dangerous freaking march of ISIS? How about that, eh?"