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Sunday, December 18, 2016

BYU boobs don hijabs to support FGM

Idiots come in all colors
Female students at BYU are taking the spotlight to show how sensitive and intelligent they are as they don hijabs in support of Muslim women who wear the hijab, voluntarily and otherwise. It's obvious that these 'girls' don't know about Aqsa Parvez whose father choked her to death with her own hijab for refusing to wear it.

And she's only one in many women who become the victim of Muslims who are intolerant of their wanting to be independent decision-makers of their own lives.

In Iraq alone, forty women were killed in 2007 for not wearing a hijab. Where do the BYU students stand on that?

And the list is endless.

But the BYU boobs don't take those kinds of risks--they don't dare take a stand for the real oppressed because that would actually be dangerous. So they take a pretend protest that has no risk.

If these students really want to show solidarity with Muslim women, they should give up driving and have a female family member mutilate their genitals to show their support.