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Monday, November 7, 2016

Unpredictable Comey causing RNC and DNC to be prepared

Both the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee are preparing responses in the event of any new developments that may come from the FBI Director James Comey in the case of Hillary Clinton's investigation of her private server and the Clinton Foundation and a possible conflict of interest as the presidential election is just hours away.

Depending on orders that Comey will get from his boss, Loretta Lynch, the  Committees' speeches will be geared to either attack or praise Comey's decision, depending on which party is doing the speeches at that time.

As it stands now, Comey announced, that based on the most recently reviewed emails, the investigation remains the same. However, after the election, 'stuff' may hit the proverbial fan.

Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) made it clear that he wants the investigation to be forever closed and for everyone to just "leave that poor woman alone. If she wasn't a woman, she wouldn't be attacked the way she has been .  .  .  damn Republicans." After Comey said that nothing had been found that any prosecutor would indict Clinton for, Cummings sang praises for the director. 

But a little over a week ago when Comey revisited the investigation when emails were found on Anthony Weiner's computer related to Clinton's time at the State Department, he sang a different tune.

"James Comey is the worst FBI Director that ever directed the FBI. I don't know if his family is watching this, but they should be ashamed." 

President Obama (D-allegedly from Ill.) commented on the investigation saying: "If, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if you look at Hillary compared to Trump, you will see there's no comparison. You can't vote for a man who talks that way to women. You, you, you, you, you just can't. That'd be foolish. Hillary's innocent and this is just a witch hunt."

Now that Comey has decided that he is going to halt further investigation on Clinton at this time, the tunes again have changed.

GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump commented on Comey's most recent change of heart. "The system is rigged, folks. The system is rigged. Crooked Hillary shouldn't be allowed to run for president; she should be in prison, but the system is rigged. Rigged."

Former DNC Chairwoman Debby Wasserman Schultz (Duh-Fl.) recently commented, "Would you like fries with that?"