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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ryan is in, Pelosi . . . ?

Paul Ryan is in, Nancy Pelosi is weird.

Quietly, behind closed doors, the GOP has nominated Ryan for a second term as speaker, but the Democrats appear to be having misgivings about doing the same for their minority leader Nancy "Dancing Hands" Pelosi.

Over the past few weeks as the election loomed, it was thought that Ryan's leadership was in jeopardy, but when Trump won, and Republicans held onto their majorities in Congress, Ryan was a shoo-in.

But House Democrats were defeated solidly by deplorable voters across the country and it called into question Pelosi's position as leader.

Pelosi, who plans to try her hands at becoming a shadow puppet performer after retiring from politics, was always good at fundraising. She has been on the taxpayer dole as top House Democrat since 2002 and predicted the liberals would retake the House. She was totally wrong--the Dems only secured a small handful of seats of the thirty "Dancing Hands" predicted.

The House Democrats insisted Tuesday that delaying the voting for her seat from Thursday to November 30th is not necessarily a signal of a leadership change. However, they made it clear that the change in venue was in fact over concerns about the future of the Democratic Party.

"We need to decide where we want to fight President-elect Trump and where we want to compromise," said Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.). His home state voted Republican for the first time since 1988.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Oh.) has been suggested as a possible challenger to Pelosi. He spoke privately with other House members without needing to emphasize his thoughts by waving his hands, but has not yet made an official bid for the job.

Even Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur, the longest-serving House Democrat, already signed a letter supporting Pelosi, but said she might reconsider if anyone else in her region would "come into our race."

"This is a moment for us to listen to American people," Kaptur said, but she wasn't being serious, which is why the Democrats got their butts kicked on Election Day.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) said the decision to delay the vote came "after considerable discussion" and resulted from the party getting a "shellacking" by the voters. He said the party needs to "recalibrate," as if they are made up of air pressure indicators or something as ridiculous.

[The Congressional Black Caucus is a group of black politicians who only allow other black politicians who fall into the Democratic Party line to become a member--they refused Allen West membership due to their intolerance to better ideas.]

Both Butterfield and Boyle said they intend to vote for Pelosi however, many Americans said they would vote for Clinton and look how that turned out. The congressmen said the party lost touch with its working-class electorate, which feels desperately left behind in the new economy.

That may have to do with the fact that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the middle-class, which is why they lost. They have become the party of future Democratic voters currently known as illegal immigrants. They have become the party of the rich folks who look down upon the middle- and lower-income Americans, referring to us is negative terms.

Privately, House Democrats said that the delayed vote was an indication that rank-and-file members are considering ditching Pelosi.

In true Clinton style, Pelosi said that they originally planned to have the vote on November 30th. "It's not a delay," she said to a group of so-called reporters and photographers.

But in a letter last week to the House Democratic Caucus, Pelosi resisted attempts for a postponement stating that other members "have indicated a strong desire to proceed with elections next week in order to prepare forcefully for the lame duck session and the challenges we will face in January."

On Tuesday, Pelosi said that the Democratic Party has "been through hell," and said "I don't care when the election is," keeping in line with "Democratic truth" as opposed to the "Truth truth."