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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dumb and Dumber arrested after trying to lure cops into an ambush

Birmingham, Alabama -- A black Alabama couple planted a fake bomb at an elementary school with the plan of shooting cops arriving at the scene and possibly robbing a bank.

Zachary Edwards, 35, and Raphel Dilligard, 34, face charges including terrorist threats, rendering a false alarm and possessing a hoax bomb, Capt. Jeff Bridges of Trussville, Al., a town that boasts of the fewest hernias in the south.

The fake bomb was fouhnd outside Magnolia Elementary School on November 16th, prompting responses by the FBI and the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives).

The device contained gunpowder, modeling clay and a timer that "Clockboy" would have been proud of, but it had no detonator. Bomb experts examined the device then detonated it at the scene.

"It looked real enough that it concerned us," Bridges said, adding, "No, not that Jeff Bridges.

The adorable couple, who share the same address, were arrested afterward and told law enforcement what they had planned--that's how stupid they are--they wanted to shoot officers at the school or rob a bank while cops were dealing with the fake bomb.

Experts determined that a Walmart-bought stopwatch was used as the timer and authorities searched for the location of where it was sold.

The man, Edwards, told police he was a member of the Black Panthers and the Black Mafia, Bridges said, but it wasn't verified--he may actually be too stupid to know how to find them.

It isn't yet known if Edwards or Dilligard havea lawyer to speak on their behalf, but they obviously could use anyone other than themselves.

Thankfully, no police or civilians were hurt. Blue Lives Matter.