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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Words only matter to Biden when spoken by GOP

Words only matter when spoken by a Republican, according to Uncle Joe Biden. 

Biden said that Donald Trump's 2005 comments about kissing and groping women equate to "sexual assault" and "abuse of power" but Bill Clinton's actual sexual misconduct and abuse of power with a young intern "shouldn't matter." After all, Trump is running on the GOP ticket.

"What (Trump) said is textbook definition of sexual assault," the halfwit VP said in an interview on Sunday's "Meet the Press" (in spite of the fact that Bill "Pressed the Meat") on NBC.  "This is not a guy that should be representing the United States."

No, the video (below) of Biden making fun of American Indians is the type of guy that should be doing the representing.

When asked about Bill Clinton's behavior in the past, Biden said, "Shouldn't matter. I can't make excuses for Bill Clinton, but he paid the price. He was impeached, expressed deep sorrow."

Biden would be singing a different tune if Bill Clinton was a Republican  . . . or an Indian.