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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trump team still in the fight

Contrary to rumors about the Trump campaign packing up their tents and going home, Kellyanne Conway assured "Fox News Sunday" that they are not giving up. In fact, they plan major TV ads and will go down fighting to make America great again!

Recent national polls are looking better for Trump. "This race is not over," Ms. Conway declared. "Many in the media say it's over. For the 12th time they're counting Donald Trump out."

But like one of Bill Clinton's girl toys, the "Energizer Bunny," the Donald is back on his feet and is ready to do battle with one of the most despicable human beings ever to slither the Earth.

Polls indicate that Clinton is ahead in the battleground states of Nevada, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Virginia, but Kellyanne claims that they are within closing distance and are ready for the kill, so to speak. 

Conway points out that in none of those states has Clinton been able to get the key 50% threshold in spite of the Clinton campaign outspending Trump's by millions of foreign and domestic dollars.

According to Conway, the Trump path to victory still includes Florida, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina and possibly Nevada. The traditionally Republican states, Arizona and Georgia are likely staying red.

Conway argued that those races in still-contested states "can turn around in the next two weeks." 

RealClearPolitics.com places Clinton's lead at 6 percentage points nationally, but NotSoClearPolitics.com disputes that lead saying it is only at best 2 percentage points, maybe 3.

But a Reuters/lpsos poll on Friday showed Trump having cut Clinton's lead in half.

"We're not giving up," Conway told a surprised liberal media who thought Trump was going to give up. "We know we can win this and we are certainly not conceding to the same chattering class that's been wrong about Donald Trump for about a year and a half."

If Hillary Clinton wins this election, you can count on the Supreme Court going far, far left, and more and more leftists will be "taking a knee" during the playing of the National Anthem.