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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The election is rigged if Hillary wins

The cry of "the election is rigged, folks, the election is rigged, I can tell you," was heard again as the star of "The Apprentice" anticipates the final debate next week against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic felon nominee.

Trump once again went after Clinton's physical state saying that she is physically unfit to be president and said that both he and she should take a drug test.

Great strategy.

"Looks to me like a rigged election," he said at a New Hampshire rally. "The election is being rigged by the liberal media to push outright lies to rig the election," he claimed, using 'rig' twice in a sentence like his 'very very' use of 'very'.

Rather than beating Clinton on policy, which a true conservative should be able to do after the the Obama administration screwed things up, Trump goes after Hillary on a personal level, which only appeals to his base.

Sure, the media is clearly in the bag for Clinton, there's no doubt about it. In fact, they have hardly mentioned the WikiLeaks emails that keep surfacing. But Trump needs to sing a different tune if he really wants to win in a few weeks.

But what if he doesn't really care? 

What if he's just setting it up so that when he loses, he can claim 'foul'? That would protect his fragile ego and he can complain for four more years and run again when he's 74, the same age as Bernie Sanders when he went up against the Clinton machine.

"I think we should take a drug test," Trump said. "At the beginning of the last debate, she was all pumped up . . . but at the end she was--" he never finished his sentence. "Anyway, I'm willing to do it."

Speculation about Hillary's health began over the summer when she had several coughing fits on the campaign trail and nearly took a header at the 9-11 Memorial service.

Speculation over Trump allegedly snorting cocaine began when Howard Dean accused him of the habit when he sniffed into the microphone during the debate.

Trump said of her, "And right now she's resting for the (Wednesday) debate. This is Saturday."

Actually, Hillary is probably studying for the debate. Something Trump might consider doing, but it's probably too late.