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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Quijano: Not such a master debater moderator

At what point are conservatives going to rebel against the garbage liberal media pours on us? Are we going to boycott the source? 

Probably not. 

Are we going to write nasty grams to the networks that spew this crap?

I'll believe that when I see it.

Time and time again, the debate begins and the "neutral" moderators cannot hide their bias. It's like the scorpion and the frog--it's their nature.

The Vice Presidential "debate" Tuesday night at Longwood University was a farce. 

Elaine Quijano was like Lester Holt in drag, Candy Crowley after undergoing a 6-month course in NutriSystem dieting, and Chris Matthews at an Obama coronation. Only her fake eyelashes were unique; they could have been used as brooms to sweep up the garbage that I witnessed.

Quijano continuously fired tough questions at Republican Governor Mike Pence while allowing Senator Tim Kaine to interrupt at will. She showed her bias at the get-go with her citing 1988 liberal Lloyd Bentsen's comment about the responsibility of the VP's office. She quoted him with, "if tragedy should occur, the vice president has to step in without any margin for error," setting the liberal stage and letting the viewers know that this was going to be a left-sided debate.

The liberal Quijano hit Pence with eight tough questions and had only one for Kaine. Even the far left, almost communist rag, The New York Times, admitted Quijano took sides. "Elaine Quijano, the moderator, helped Mr. Kaine along, opening one question with a recitation of Mr. Trump's statements."

The Times later deleted the quote and never mentioned the moderator again.

Quijano and her eyelashes started out fine as she asked Kaine how he "praised Secretary Clinton's character, including her commitment to public service, yet 60 percent of voters don't think she's trustworthy. Why do so many people distrust her? Is it because they have questions about her emails and the Clinton Foundation?"

After that, the ship listed to the left and never went upright again, much less moved to the right. The debate was either Kaine or Quijano interrupting Pence. At one point she told Pence he had 30 seconds to respond to a Kaine interruption. She cut Pence off after 7 seconds--I timed it.

The beauty of the debate was that Pence came across as presidential and Kaine came off as an over-rehearsed loudmouth bully who got his bell rung. Pence never broke stride and now even the media, at least many in the media, admit Pence won the debate.

Even MSNBC's Chris "Tingles" Matthews admitted Pence was "eloquent," "excellent" and "looked like a grown-up."

Kaine, not so much.

There is no question that Mike Pence won the debate and both Kaine and Quijano lost.

But the biggest loser was CBS.