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Friday, October 7, 2016

New, terrorist-safe sleep pod

Not safe for sleeping in public
For about two years, colleges and universities have used nap pods and nap rooms to address what California State University calls "the sleep crisis on college campuses." These new pods are being touted as "a safe place to sleep."

These pods are amazing and are safe even in areas thought to be dangerous, such as Aleppo or Chicago. 

CSU-Fullerton recently purchased a nap trailer and placed it on campus. It was a hit with weary students, tired from cramming for tough exams in such subjects as: Albanian Art Appreciation, The Vampire in Literature and Cinema, Elvish: the language of Lord of the Rings, Comparative History of Organized Crime, Whiteness: the other side of racism, UFO's in American society, The Science of Superheroes, The Amazing World of Bubbles and my favorite, Lego Robotics. 

All but the first are real, and the first may be real--I didn't check it out. But you can check it out here. 

Anyway, students at Fullerton could take a 40-minute nap in personalized compartments, but in spite of the relative safety of the nap trailer, it was still a viable target of the Islamic terrorists. 
Safety-tested sleep pod

What could possibly be worse than waking up to an ISIS terrorist standing by your snooze pod with a sword in his hand?

So the new sleep pod solves that problem. It wards off terrorists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists and all others who might want to do the snoozer harm.