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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NBC to fire scapegoat

Imagine you're just a kid starting out in a job career that you love. A job so cool, exciting and lucrative that you almost can't believe your luck that you landed it.

Then a famous guy comes along and your job is to babysit him until he gets to the set of another show. The guy, of course, is Donald Trump. 

So your responsibility is to hang out with him and escort him to that other show. In the interim, he talks to you like a buddy. Two guys hanging out and he's trying to show you that for an old rich guy, he's pretty cool and you don't want to offend him because that would probably result in "Today" becoming "Yesterday" because you'd be gone.

He talks to you like a sailor on Cinderella Liberty with a ton of cash in his pocket, ready to spend it on wine, women and song, using lewd and crude talk that you're not sure how to respond. The way he refers to women is disgusting, but if you tell him that, you can kiss your job 'goodbye'.

So you know you need to keep the guy happy and you nod your head and go along with the program.

More than eleven years later, the guy is running for president of the country and the Hillary Clinton Trash Squad comes up with the audio of your conversation with the guy, a conversation that was held all this time by your employer, found several months ago, and released to the public just about a month out from Election Day.

And your career goes down the commode.

I suspect that's how Billy Bush felt when he was just starting out on the "Today" show on NBC. 

Now sources are saying that NBC plans to fire Bush. One source told Page Six that "He is technically fired. It's just a matter of time. NBC isn't ready to announce it yet. They are negotiating his exit."

Bush was suspended from "Today" on Sunday. 

I suspect the reason they're not "ready to announce it yet" is because they're testing the waters, checking public opinion rather than doing a gut check and deciding what's the proper thing to do. They are cowards and hypocrites.

Another source explained it this way: "Billy is done. He is out, but they don't want to announce anything yet because NBC was burned by the Ann Curry debacle and they are trying to figure out how to do this. They don't have any incentive to announce this immediately. Each day that goes by, it gets easier" [to announce because it separates more from the Trump scandal].

NBC also thinks there might be more damning tape on Bush and they don't want to risk anything.

You never know what's going on with NBC--they stood behind Brian Williams after he lied on the air over and over. 

Perhaps that's why they like Hillary--they tend to stand with liars.