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Friday, October 28, 2016

Mayor "Suddenly Sam" killed with 9 other drug traffickers

Koronadal, Philippines -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte doesn't like drugs and he doesn't like people who use and/or sell them. In fact, he hates illicit drugs so much that if he catches you using or selling them, he will have you killed.

Philippine anti-narcotics officers shot and killed a town mayor and nine of his men Friday in one of the deadliest operations since Duterte began his crackdown on illegal drugs.

Mayor Samsudin (his friends called him "Suddenly Sam") Dimaukom of Datu Saudi Ampatuan town was killed with the others and had been publicly named by Duterte along with other politicians he accused of being involved in drug involvement as part of his shame campaign.

Over 150 officials accused of being linked to illegal drug involvement had their names read by Duterte, and he ordered them to surrender to authorities immediately or be hunted down like rabid dogs.

Suddenly Sam had turned himself in to police and denied any involvement in the illegal drug trade, claiming to the media that he was fighting illegal drugs himself and was in total support of Duterte's crackdown.

It was a 'good try' but it didn't convince anyone in law enforcement. They knew the mayor was "doing a Hillary."

Superintendent Romeo Galgo Jr., the regional police official, and a guy who does great with the women, told the media that "It was a legitimate anti-drug operation, but the subjects opened fire on our troops."

And the officials all stuck to that story.

The confrontation occured before dawn when the men began firing from three cars on officers at the Makilala checkpoint in North Cotabato province, as Superintendent Bernard Tayong reported.

Before the shootout, cops received word that Dimaukom's group was planning to transport a "huge" amount of methamphetamine, known as shabu, from Davao city where Duterte grew up, to Maguindanao province, where Datu Saudi Ampatuan town is located.

Police estime over 3,600 suspected drug dealers and addicts have been murdered since Duterte took office on June 30th. If you don't count his "swear-in date" and do the math, he has killed about 30 people a day since becoming president. If he can keep up the present pace, he would kill 10,950 people for using or selling illegal drugs. 

Philippine presidents can only serve a single six-year term without the chance of re-election as per their constitution. If he keeps up the the murder rate for his full six-year term of office, he will have killed 65,700 people. 

Illegal drugs are a very bad thing (unless you're President Obama and dabbled in it yourself). But the notion of killing drug dealers and drug users is tyrannical and no less evil than selling it.