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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ISIS: "We're looking for a few pissed off men"

The Islamic State is using prisons in Europe to recruit a new batch of scumcrumpets for jihad. Prisons are becoming inordinately over-represented by Muslim men. 

In the UK, fully 44% of high-security inmates are Muslim. In Belgium, 34%a of all inmates belong to the religion of peace. In France and Spain, the numbers are an incredible 70% and in Germany, it's 30% of inmates labeled as "foreign," which means mostly Muslim.

Prisons throughout Europe have become jihad recruiting stations, according to a study by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (UK) which examined the development of ideology of 79 jihadists from Belgium, the UK, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Of the population studied, 57% were imprisoned before radicalization. A minimum of 27% became radicalized while incarcerated.

The Islamic State is less interested in recruiting jihadists from college campuses or even from mosques. They get their beheaders and immolators from prisons where it's easy to find "infuriated young men" who are "ripe" for radicalization. 

Often, these pissed off guys already know how to use weapons and get their hands on illegal cash, so time and money is saved in the process.

And insofar as knowing Islamic scripture is concerned, it has been found that those who know the Koran and Sharia the most, don't blow themselves up for the cause, but get naive dummies to do the wet work. You'll hardly ever see an imam blow himself to smithereens when he can get Bubba from cell block A to do it for him.

Since 2011, about 5,000 jihadists from Western Europe have gone to the Middle East to join in the jihad jamboree.

"Ah, those kids . . . they blow up so quickly."