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Sunday, October 16, 2016

ISIS flag okay in Sweden

In Sweden, it's perfectly okay to fly the Islamic State flag and it isn't considered an incitement to racial (read 'religious') hatred, according to a Swedish cretin who happens to be a lawyer.

A 23-year-old Laholm man, a Syrian refugee and a fan of ISIS, avoided prosecution after allegedly posting a photo of himself with the flag of the Islamic State and used it as his Facebook profile photo. 

The photo was reported to authorities in March and the Muslim man was investigated for incitement of racial hatred (which is always confusing in that Islam is not a race, it's obviously a religion which makes it an ideology). 

The man denied the charges which is known in jihadist circles as "taqiyya." Google it.

He said he isn't a supporter of ISIS and claimed the flag has been used as an Islamic symbol for hundreds of years and then abused by ISIS, his defense attorney Bjorn Nilsson told Swedish newspaper Hallandsposten.

The prosecutor Gisela Sjovall decided not to prosecute, saying the issue was whether the ISIS flag could be considered a hate symbol, such as the Nazi swastika could be considered an incitement to racial hatred.

Ms. Sjovall said waving an ISIS flag cannot be considered hate speech (perhaps because flags by themselves cannot speak). She said that waving the ISIS flag "is not an expression of disrespect towards any ethnic group" because ISIS is "against everyone except those who belong to ISIS."

So it's okay, according to Sjovall to hate all ethnic groups as long as you don't single out one. Makes perfect sense.

The ISIS flag is also used by al-Shabaab in Somalia and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. It's also used by other terrorist groups. In other words, it isn't unique to ISIS, it's unique to jihad groups.

Ironically, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg would be the first in line to be beheaded by any jihadist group when the caliphate comes to town, because the religion of Islam is anti-Semitic according to its scripture.  It also doesn't work and play well with Christians, gays, lesbians, atheists, and other religions.

It's time to stop their propaganda on social media and stop them completely from killing the innocent "non-believers."