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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How it adds up for the election so far

With just three weeks to the presidential election, Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls, which makes the prediction easy that Trump will say the polls don't matter, the election's rigged and Hillary should be in jai.

As it stands, Hillary has a six-point lead over Donald, 45-39 percent, according to a useless poll of likely voters, a poll that doesn't matter to Trump because he's behind. Gary "Good Weed" Johnson stands at 5 percent and Green Party Jill "Spoiler" Stein is at 3 percent.

In a head-to-head matchup, Hillary is up at 49-42 percent, an edge that's slightly above the margin of error, but it still doesn't matter to Trump because as far as he's concerned, the election is rigged and there's absolutely no reason for any American to go out and vote. "Hillary's gonna win, folks. She's gonna win, I can tell you."

The third and final debate will be tomorrow on Fox News Channel and moderated by Chris Wallace. This is the first time Fox will be moderating a presidential debate because the media is rigged folks, that I can tell you. Believe me.

According to the polls, a large gender gap exists. Among men, Trump leads by 7 points and Clinton is ahead by 17 points among women. She also leads among non-whites, you know, those who the party of the KKK, Bull Connor, Robert Byrd and George Wallace have convinced will be better served by them. 

Hillary also leads among naive voters under 30 (+19). Johnson and Stein are supported by one in five, young, pot smoking socialists who have no knowledge of economics. College degree whites also favor Clinton by 9 points, but whites without a college degree but a chip on their shoulder favor Trump by 27 points. He's also favored by veterans by 17 points and religious people by 16 points. Hillary has the atheist vote cornered along with the seriously uninformed voter vote.   

Trump has a slight lead with independents at 7 points but only 80 percent of Republicans back him--the other 20 percent back Stephen Harper, the former conservative Prime Minister of Canada.

For both Trump and Clinton, supporters are about equally matched on strength of support and interest, but if Donald Trump doesn't try throwing in a few different words in his speeches, the strength of support and interest may fade. 

Believe me, folks.

Temperament is a different story. About 61 percent of voters say Clinton has the temperament to serve effectively as POTUS while 61 percent of voters say Trump does not. 

He plans to bomb the s**t out of those who say he does not.

Clinton leads Trump by voters who believe she has the judgment to serve (53-46 percent), while Trump is the opposite (37-60 percent) but the truth is, neither candidate will ever replace Judge Judy or Charles Krauthammer.

Many voters do not believe the media is being fair to the candidates. Fifty-one percent say the news coverage of Trump has been fair  (46 percent) or biased in his favor (5 percent), but 43 percent say it's been unfairly biased against him.

After further exploration, it seems more likely that Donald Trump has been biased against himself as some of the topics his ego refuses to let go of continue to hurt him.

Only 11 percent of voters believe Clinton has been treated unfairly by the media, and those voters would say the same thing if Hillary was caught on video having sex with a Girl Scout against her will.