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Friday, October 14, 2016

Hillary's "Preparation 'H'"

More emails purportedly hacked and provided to WikiLeaks from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta's account depict the questions Hillary's team expected her to have to deal with when Trump brings them up. 

I like to call the prep book "Preparation 'H.'"

Questions they think will be about the women Bill Clinton sexually assaulted, raped, abused, had a tryst with, and who he kept as his mistress and how Hillary may have attacked them verbally, threatened them, made fun of them and possibly even paid some of them off. 

Who knows folks[?] as Trump would say.

So the Clinton campaign came up with a game plan nine months before Trump brought them up. They planned on how they would suggest Hillary respond to such Trumpian questions.

The most extensive information was found in a 157-page debate prep book attached to an email sent in March from Robby Mook, the Clinton Campaign Manager. At the time, Clinton was colluding with the DNC to ditch Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as her contender.

The debate prep book was divided into three sections: 1. personal/political, 2. domestic and 3. foreign policy. (Unlike Donald Trump's debate prep flyer which was divided into three sections: 1. refer to Clinton as "Lyin' Hillary," 2. Talk about The Wall and who will pay for it, and  3. How China manipulates its currency.)

Hillary's book contained 58 topics ranging from: "Can the American people trust you?" (This was a "no-brainer" that would require Hillary to come up with a series of lies to convince the American people that nothing that was ever said about her is true) to:  "Should we call this 'Islamic terrorism?'" (The brain trust decided to simply call it 'misplaced aggressive behavior mislabeled as Islam'.)

Trump's flyer contained 4 topics ranging from: "I love the Second Amendment and the NRA has endorsed me," to: "Hillary's not willing to call it 'Islamic terrorism' and that's why we would lose if she became president."

One question was "WJC [William Jefferson Clinton]: What do you say to the women making accusations. Specifically, the question asked if Hillary Clinton's actions helping her husband "cast doubt on these women's stories" was "in line with feminism."

Like many of the strategies in the prep book, Hillary was to dismiss the questions as off-base and outdated where possible and pivot to her [public] vision of the country.

Trump, of course, went after the Bill scandals and Hillary responded with: "So if Donald Trump wants to attack my family, that's his choice," the pat answer began. "Listening to Donald Trump on the campaign trail, it's clear to me that he and I see the world very differently."

Yes, Hillary sees the world as a place without borders, without citizenship, with free trade with herself in charge. Trump sees the world as a TV set with him starring in his own show called "The Donald Show."