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Friday, October 28, 2016

Democratic cities want non-citizens to vote for Hillary

While Donald Trump talks about a 'rigged election,' voter fraud, and casts doubt on the integrity of the presidential election, some cities are trying to expand voting rights to include illegal voters, better known as 'noncitizens.'

San Francisco is one such city where the November 8th ballot will include a measure that would allow the parents or legal guardians of any student in public school to vote in school board elections. That right would be extended to non-citizens with green cards, visas, and illegal aliens with no documentation, as long as they take an oath that they will vote Democratic if the city can expand their voting rights to the federal level.

"One out of three kids in the San Francisco unified school system has a parent who is an immigrant, who is disenfranchised and doesn't have a voice," says San Francisco Assemblyman David Chiu. His parents are Taiwanese immgrants. Chiu believes that just because someone is not a US citizen, does not give the US government the right to suppress them from deciding government policy.

"We've had legal immigrants who've had children go through the entire K-12 system without having a say," Chiu said, implying that sending your kids to a free and better American school is an accomplishment that should result in a non-American having decision-making power in the American school system.

Chiu added that non-citizen immigrants should also have the right to bypass the "broken immigration system in this country."

There is nothing "broken" about the immigration system other than the fact that our laws are disregarded by Chiu's liberal progressives. Those non-citizens are benefitting from our schools and I commend them for "doing it right" insofar as applying for their green card. But they are not entitled to make policies and laws for American citizens.

We need to hold onto our sovereignty. It's what made us great and the melting pot that immigrants wanted to join. And Obama is wrong to think we are not anymore exceptional than other nations.

Perhaps that will change, but Trump needs to get elected first.

But the whole progressive immigration issue is all about the liberal votes the left hopes to get.