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Friday, October 14, 2016

DEFCON alert updated to level 3 due to Russian nuclear threat

The US has upped our defense readiness condition (DEFCON) alert to level 3 as the Russian threat to the nation goes 'beyond Cold War.' DEFCON is our military alert system to indicate the risk of nuclear war.

The lowest (normal) state of readiness is a 5. At our current level, the U.S. Air Force is ready to scramble in 15 minutes.

The DEFCON conspiracy theory website claims that although there isn't an imminent nuclear threat against us, the situation is considered "fluid and can change rapidly."

The website bases its warning on "current affairs" and reports: "Tensions between Russia and the United States have reached levels beyond the cold war in the recent week. The situation between Russia and the United States is extremely fluid at the moment. In all likelihood as dynamic as at times during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

"At this time, the DEFCON Warning System feels that an increase to DEFCON 3 would be a prudent move."

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are talking about scandals.