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Monday, October 10, 2016

Columbus Day Out -- Neanderthal Day In

More and more cities across the United States are looking to get rid of Columbus Day and change the name to Indigenous People's Day. The problem is, however, due to the chronic erosion of the American education system, many Americans, particularly new ones, are unable to spell 'Indigenous' and most don't know the definition.

Liberal word Nazis are adamant about the change however, because Indians, who no longer are allowed to be called 'Indians', were here before Columbus and his crew arrived back in 1492.

Only one city thus far has rejected the change of the name "Columbus Day" to "Indigenous People's Day," and that city is Cincinnati. Their city council met last Wednesday and voted against a proclamation that would recognize Indigenous People's Day. One lawmaker said he voted against it because he simply didn't know enough about it.

Vermont is all in for the name change. In fact, if Vermont could have its way, they would change the name 'United States of America' to 'Unique and Special States of an Indigenous People's Continent'. They believe America, named after Amerigo Vespucci, unfairly favors Italians and should instead focus on the Indigenous people who occupied this land and harvested the mighty buffalo.

Vermont's Gov. Peter Shumlin said the "sacrifice and contributions of the First Peoples of this land" would be honored.

So is Shumlin suggesting that the federal holiday should be called "Neanderthal Day" or the people who came much later to the land of the mighty buffalo?

South Dakota hasn't called the holiday Columbus Day in decades. They declare the second Monday in October as Native Americans Day. So they too must be referring to early man.

Hey, let's be honest--everyone has their unique way of looking at things. It's just that many liberals tend to look at things and ask themselves how cool it will make them look in the eyes of those whose butts they kiss.