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Friday, October 28, 2016

Clinton's State Dept. spent $millions on crystal stemware and Facebook

Seriously, what's the point of being in government if you can't use taxpayer money to live high? Hillary Clinton's State Department likes the finer things in life, so why make a big deal over the fact they spent $5,400,000 "no-bid contract for crystal stemware"? It isn't like the peed the money away from the drinking they did out the crystal. It isn't like they spent $630,000 to "increase Facebook 'likes' on four State Department pages.

Oh . . . it is . . . oops.

The RNC put together a 21-page memo showing the frivolous expenditures of other people's money at the State Department under Hillary Clinton's watch. Talk about crummy financial shenanigans--they should have used that money to increase security at the Benghazi complex back in 2012.

Overall, Hillary's agency spent over $600,000,000 on failed projects in Afghanistan and Iraq alone according to the RNC memo.

I guess liberals don't believe they'll ever run out of other people's money.