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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bill won't touch Melania--it might cause a stir

Melania and Bill will not have to shake hands at the start of the final debate on Fox News Network. The Clinton campaign reportedly has been granted a change in protocol and some pundits believe that Hillary requested the change because Bill tends to get all hot and bothered touching women who are not his wife. 

It might "cause a stir," if you know what I mean.

During the first two debates both spouses shook hands at the start, but the Clinton campaign other than Bill have asked the Commission on Presidential Debates that the spouses be allowed to enter the debate closer to their seats so that they will not have to cross paths and shake hands.

The Times reported that the change is a sign of how "acrimonious" the race to the White House (aka "race to the bottom") has devolved to. It was purportedly sought by Clinton's campaign team because Trump attempted at the second debate to have three women who have accused Bill of sexual assault or rape to sit near him. 

But others believe that if Bill shakes hands with Melania Trump, it might lead to future problems for and with Hillary, if you know what I mean.

It was rumored that Donald Trump has invited Malik Obama, the half-brother to President Barack Hussein Obama to the debate. 

That should be an interesting show biz move.