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Monday, September 12, 2016

Sniper fights fire with fire a mile away

A British Special Air Service sniper killed a top ISIS executioner along with three other scumcrumpets with a single round from about a mile away. 

The jihadists were about to immolate 12 hostages alive with a flamethrower, but the Barett .50-caliber rifle round got there first, striking the fuel tank affixed to the Islamic terrorist's back and setting him and his buddies on fire instead, the UK's Daily Star reported.

Imagine the look on the jihadist's face when he realized to his chagrin that he was the one on a trip to Paradise as the pack exploded killing him and his three videographers.

The ISIS butcher, who enjoyed burning hostages alive, was on a US "kill list" for several months. The Star didn't identify the sniper or the sadistic jihadist.

The executioner and his merry scumbags traveled around Syria slaughtering civilians they labeled as spies, just for the excuse to burn people. They used flamethrowers to do their evil deeds, a torture method popularized by North Korea, who now enjoy killing folks with anti-aircraft artillery. 

The Islamic State killer was so feared that his victims begged to be shot rather than be set on fire.

Right before the rescue op, outside of Raqqa, Syria, "the SAS team moved into an overwatch position above a village where they were told the execution was going to take place," a source told the Star.

"Up to 12 civilians were going to be murdered--eight men and four women.

"The executioner gave some sort of rambling speech . . . then, when he finished, the SAS sniper opened fire," the source said. 

The speech was likely an Islamic justification claiming that Allah wants to burn his creations alive. 


The hostages were then rescued by British and US special forces who didn't bother to put the executioner and his videographers out.

A few months ago, another SAS sharpshooter killed two ISIS car bombers on their way toward Libya. Again, one bullet did the trick as it passed through the driver's skull and into the passenger's neck, killing them both.