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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Six on one hand, half a dozen on the other

Is it possible that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both right? Is it possible that neither one of them is fit to serve as president of the United States?

When Hillary admitted she suffers from CRAFT disorder (Can't Remember A Freaking Thing) and doesn't recollect having gone through briefings about how to handle classified material, she makes her own case for disqualifying herself for the highest position in the land, nay, on planet Earth.

When Hillary fell and wasn't able to testify at the Benghazi hearings following the incident, and wore glasses with one lens darkened, indicating that she likely suffered from a head trauma, that also helped make the case that she is unqualified to run for president.

When Hillary lied over and over and over and over again about her emails, and then lied aboiut Benghazi and just about everything she said subsequent to being born, that puts her in an even worse light and should preclude her from becoming POTUS.

When Hillary had a private email server that was not allowed to be used exclusively when she was secretary of state, and then had the server scrubbed with a powerful scrubbing program known as BleachBit AFTER it was called for by Congress for examination, then pretended to be incompetent when asked if she scrubbed it, telling Fox News' James Rosen, "What, like with a cloth?" that should have told the world that there is no way she is qualified to run for president.

When Hillary took payola from Islamic countries for the Clinton Foundation, nations that suppress women and make them out as third class citizens right behind camels, that should have been an immediate warning sign that this woman is a hypocrite, totally untrustworthy and should never run for dog catcher, let alone president.

When Hillary goes 275 days without holding a press conference, and then, when she finally speaks to the press with their lollipop questions, but coughs up loogies for 4 minutes and 22 seconds then blames her "allergy" on Donald Trump, that puts her health in question and should make all of us question whether she is even medically fit for the job as president.

Which brings us to Donald Trump.

Trump began his campaign saying he would build a wall across the southern border and deport all 11 million illegal immigrants. Now he wants to deport them but bring back the 'good' ones legally. In a CNN interview in July of last year he said, "I want to move them out, and we're going to move them back in and let them be legal, but they have to be in here legally."

He said in August 2015 Trump released an immigration plan saying that he would build a wall, make Mexico pay for it, deport criminal aliens, increase penalties for visa overstays, triple the number of ICE officers, pause immigration in order to employ unemployed Americans and reduce worker visas. He did not detail how he'd pay for this or how it would impact the economy.

He has since walked these plans back.

"You're going to have a deportation force, and you're going to do it humanely," he said in November on MSNBC.

You get the idea--Trump has changed his position on immigration as often as Hillary tells a lie.

So who's more fit to serve as president?

It really comes down to who you need to vote against. If you choose to vote for a lying, incompetent unindicted felon, you will be making a yooooge mistake.

If you vote for a person who tends to say one thing at the beginning of the day and something quite different the same day, you are taking a chance on how things will turn out at the end of the day.