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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reality TV campaign's piggish behavior

Former beauty queen turned lard-bod, Alicia Machado, has accused Donald Trump of making rude comments about her looks and even, perhaps, to her ethnicity. But la muy gorda Latina had no problemo making rude comments about Melania Trump. 

Machado won Miss Universe in 1996 but only competed against earthlings and not the entire universe. Now she has emerged at the core of a political brewhaha between Trump and his earsplitting Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton.

Twenty years ago Trump called the plump Machade "Miss Piggy" due to her apparent weight gain after winning the Miss Universe contest and refusing to comply with the signed agreement that she would maintain her current body image. Trump was wrong but no private server or ambassador dying was involved. 

And it was twenty years ago.

Machado responded after the debate on Twitter saying [in Spanish]: "Thank you, Mrs. Clinton. Your respect for women and our differences make your great. I'm with you!" Her use of an exclamation point may have been Machado's way of emulating Clinton's use of shrieking to make her points.

Of course, Machado may be unaware of Clinton's abject acceptance of huge monetary donations from countries that repress and abuse women, making them into possessions of their husbands and taking away many of their human rights. Countries like Saudi Arabia where women cannot even leave their home without a male escort--if not their husband, then their son may be used for that purpose. 

"I think I speak more English than her," Machado said. "I don't see anything about this girl. She's a doll. She's a decoration. That's how I see her." Her use of the word 'girl' may have been unintentional but it does come across as rather rude and dismissive.

Melania was a model and comes from Slovania. Unlike Machado, she was never caught on a reality TV show with night vision cameras having sex with a male contestant and using strong language to describe their explicit maneuvers. And she performed the indiscretion while engaged to Bobby Abreu of the Philadelphia Phillies. Viewers of the show, known as "The Farm" got an eyeful. 

Perhaps the term "Miss Piggy" fit her persona back in 2005 when this happened.

Abreu and Machado soon broke up after the sexcapade.

So Machado is a Hillary fan. That only solidifies my decision to vote for Trump.