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Friday, September 23, 2016

Rahami's family members may have been involved in bombing plot

Ahmad Rahami, the semi-effective jihadist, may have done 'dry runs' before planting bombs in Manhattan. Investigators now suspect that he stepped up his planning of the bombing plot over the summer. He bought bomb-making paraphernalia, a gun and he cased the Chelsea neighborhood where he planned to do his jihad. There are some witnesses who say they saw the Islamic terrorist in the area just two days before the bombing.

Now there are concerns that some of Rahami's family members may have the same religious jihadist views as the currently unconscious scumcrumpet. 

Rahami's sister, Aziza, whose name is an Islamic palindrome, allegedly posted pro-jihad entries on Facebook. Site Intelligence Group posted them and some quote radical and dead cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

Some of her posts appears to praise terrorists and she uses images that are popular with the Muslim Brotherhood, showing that she has some things in common with the Obama administration.

Tara Maller, a senior policy advisor at the Counter Extremism Project said "It seems like the family may have adopted some of the same viewpoints as he did, but again, it's too early to say if they were directly involved with the attack itself."

Perhaps Aziza simply didn't want to get her hands bloody.

Ahmad's friends and family have told investigators that he took a trip to Afghanistan in 2014 and they noticed that he changed when he returned. They said he became more religious and started distancing himself.

More religious? What does that mean, if Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion? If the Islamic State isn't Islamic nor is it even a state. Is it possible the liberal left is wrong about Islam?

Rahami's father said he told federal agents in 2014 about Ahmad's suspicious activities but nothing was followed up. 

"The way he speaks, his videos, when I see these things that he listens to, for example, Al Qaeda, Taliban, he watches their videos, their poetry," he said.

The FBI told CBS News, however, "At no time did the father advise interviewing agents of any radicalization or alleged links to Al Qaeda, the Taliban or their propaganda." Because the agent that was being interviewed was not James Comey, he may have been telling the truth.

As it stands now, Rahami is hooked up to a breathing tube and is unconscious. His bomb factory has not yet been found, but bomb residue was found at a home in Perth Amboy, where he once lived.

Law enforcement still is seeking two witnesses who stumbled upon a pressure cooker bomb in Chelsea. They were seen on a surveillance video released by the FBI.