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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Obama allegedly used Erkel as a pseudonym

President Barack Hussein Obama allegedly used the pseudonym [perhaps it was Steve Urkel, but nothing has been corroborated] as a pseudonym when sending or receiving email over the illegal private server of Hillary Clinton when she acted as secretary of state. This is in accordance of nearly 200 damning pages of documents released by the semi-honest FBI.

Within those documents are notes from an April interview of this year with Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aide and confidante who's intimately tied to the Muslim Brotherhood through her family. 

The interview involves the 2 year FBI "investigation" into Clinton's use of the private server for official correspondence. An investigation that should have had her indicted but instead provided her with a free "Get Out of Jail" card courtesy of FBI Director James Comey.

One note was in regard to the FBI showing Abedin an email address "believed to be a pseudonym used by the President," reports Politico.

Abedin, following in the path of her mentor, played incompetent. She said she didn't recognize the name and "expressed her amazement" that the president apparently used a pseudonym. When asked about that she replied: "What, like Erkel?"

Huma also asked vigorously, "How is this not classified?" according to the documents.

The email exchange in question was on June 28, 2012 and had as the subject line: "Congratulations," possibly referring to a Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare.

Federal lawyers will not release the emails, citing executive privilege, a citing that has kept many a president from being impeached. When the FBI concluded its investigation this summer, they found several Clinton emails included classified information. This is information that people without the proper security clearance should not have had access to, but "there you go again, Hillary."

Comey said that she was "extremely careless," but no intention, no foul--obviously making the law up as he went along.

Abedin allegedly told the FBI that Hillary's team had to inform Obama that she was changing her email address so that Obama could receive her brilliant messages via email rather than having to hear her scream.

Okay, so maybe Obama didn't use Erkel as a pseudonym, but he should have.