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Sunday, September 25, 2016

No Flowers at the debate but maybe something better

In an atypical move by the Trump campaign, Bill Clinton's ex-concubine will not attend the presidential debate on Monday, according to the Vice Presidential GOP co-runner, Mike Pence. The move is considered atypical because typically, Mr. Trump is known to be a potent counter-puncher and with Hillary Clinton's desperation move of bringing billionaire Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of the event, in most cases one would expect Trump to react aggressively.

But I believe it's a smart move on Trump's part. 

First of all, Gennifer Flowers was not Hillary's lover, although the idea that she might have had the additional task of serving both is not so far out of the question. 

Rather than bringing in one of the "bimbos" (as Hillary called the women her husband sexually abused) it's better leave them out of the scene. Flowers' presence might make Hillary look like a poor, innocent victim and gain the sympathy of low information liberals (which by definition includes almost all liberals).

Secondly, there are other choices that might better suit the Trump campaign, choices that would show Hillary's true colors (which is not red, white and blue, only green). 

The choice I believe Donald should make would be to bring in the families of the four Americans killed in Benghazi. Have them all sit side-by-side in the front row and have Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith,  mumble loud enough only for Lester Holt's microphone to pick it up: "You lied to me, Hillary. You lied to me. You stood by my son's coffin and lied to me."

Or simply have them all stare Hillary down, arms folded, sardonic smiles.

I would also invite Monica Lewinsky and have her wear her black beret and fire engine red lipstick for old times sake. 

I would have Monica sit near Bill, again for old times sake.

Although Monica might actually support Hillary's presidency (remember what I said about liberals) just having Hillary see her face would throw the Queen of Denial for a loop.