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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Miss Chelsea Manning on hunger strike

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas -- Miss Chelsea Manning is on a hunger strike to protest the horrible conditions for better treatment at Fort Leavenworth prison. The poor dear says 'she' will not voluntarily allow even one morsel of sustenance to pass through 'her' painted lips, but, if somebody shoves food down 'her' delicate throat, it doesn't forfeit the hunger strike. 

"I simply dare any man to try putting anything down my throat," Chelsea said. "I will not eat, I will NOT eat," the wannabe woman added. "I dare you."

Chelsea is a transgender traitor imprisoned in Kansas for leaking classified information to Julian Scumcrumpet Assange of WikiLeaks while serving the enemies of the United States in our Army.

Although 'she' used to be a man, 'she' is now sporting skin between her legs engineered to resemble a vagina, and given female hormones to make 'her' sound feminine, like Hillary Clinton when she isn't yelling.

The traitorous Manning said 'she' began the hunger strike on Friday due to her requests for better treatment that have been ignored. She refuses to consume anything except 'her' medication and water. Maybe a biscuit if nobody's looking.

In a statement, Manning said the hunger strike will go on until 'she' receives the "minimum standards of dignity, respect and humanity." And 'she' is prepared to die in the process.

One can only hope.

Miss Manning was arrested as Bradley Manning, and was convicted in 2013 in a military court of leaking over 700,000 secret military and State Department documents to the WikiLeaks website.

Had Manning only known at the time that he could have used the "Hillary Clinton Defense" strategy, 'she' may have avoided prison, and perhaps even campaigned for Hillary.

The Army is, unfortunately, looking into the hunger strike situation. Hopefully, they will take their time .  .  .  lots of time.